Instant Offers For Restaurants!

by DaveC on January 21, 2014

Fill In Your Sales Week

As a restaurant owner, you have to worry about your various expenses such as food, utility, labor and building cost. Those expenses go on month after month like clockwork. Drilling down through the numbers you can work out a cost per table to set sales goals. Whether you have done that or not, you are sure to have a feel for your best sales days and those slow days. With a good text messaging list you can target slow days with profitable offers that fill in your sales week!

Have a Plan Ready

Everything is better with a recipe. Here is our recipe: Identify an item that you can offer at a very attractive price. Pick an item that is part of a typical larger order. On those days that you want the bump, text out the offer to your list and watch your sales pick up! Simple as that!


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