Promotion is Key to a Successful Text Marketing Program

by DaveA on January 31, 2014

This is Dave at Go Big Mobile with some insights to a successful text marketing program.
One of the many things I have noticed as a business owner and as a marketer is that a lack of communication with existing customers is very common with many businesses today. Many business owners I meet never have time to work ON their business because they are so busy working IN their business and end up relying on “word of mouth” advertising to grow their business.
Word of mouth advertising is probably still one of the best ways to get new customers, and in years gone by during a thriving economy may have been enough, but I’ve seen many businesses struggle or fail while waiting for their current customers to promote their business for them. 
There is no shortage of opportunities to advertise your business, some effective, some not so much. The majority of the ones that work at all may help in acquiring new customers but do little or nothing to keep them coming back.
That’s where your text marketing program comes in…
The number One ingredient to a successful text marketing program is: 
Promote, Promote, Promote 
Promote your program anywhere and everywhere you have contact with current and prospective customers.
The most obvious and effective is with your staff. It is critical for your staff to fully engage at the point of sale, talk to your customers and invite them to join. People love being a VIP or participating in an exclusive program so when you say: “we send exclusive specials to our VIP text club members”, and let them know the reward for joining, your customers will join or risk missing out. 
Remember, you don’t need to have a giant list to get BIG results. Be patient & continue to promote your VIP text club. Your list and your profits will continue to grow. 
Happy promoting,

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