Restaurants Restaurant owners love mobile text marketing. What is your typical slow day? A well timed, compelling “today only” offer sent to your best customers will fill seats and turn a normally slow day into a profitable day! Have food items that may spoil if not sold? Send a text to promote a special for those items and turn potential waste into dollar$.

Appointment Based /
Service Businesses

appt If your business or service depends on appointments and a filled calendar to maintain profitability and growth, text message marketing is perfect for your business. Each missed appointment or empty slot in your calendar is lost revenue. A timely reminder to confirm appointments will reduce cancellations and a great offer instantly delivered to your best customers may fill openings and vacancies in your schedule.

Schools and Colleges

schools Maybe the most effective way to instantly communicate to students, parents and staff in today’s world is text messaging. Deliver important news, event information, weather advisories or school closings to students. Send volunteer and fund raising opportunities to parents. Let staff know of upcoming meetings, send staff announcements, school closings or delays.

Bars and Nightclubs

bar Text marketing may be the single most effective way to get your customers back again and again. When you instantly deliver food & drink specials or event information to your best customers, you are creating a community of loyal customers experiencing the benefit of staying connected to your business. Be creative and keep it fun!

Real Estate

realestate Stand out in a crowd! How do you separate yourself from the pack? Create a unique keyword for each listing & use text marketing to instantly send listing information directly to the phone of homebuyers looking at your properties. When they text in to get the listing information, you are immediately notified with the inquiring parties phone number allowing you to follow up with a call.

Auto Dealers

auto dealer There are numerous opportunities for auto dealers to benefit from text marketing. New and pre-owned sales, service, quick lube all can generate more business with an effective text marketing program. Add a text code to vehicles and when someone is on your lot during off hours they can text in & instantly receive vehicle information, pricing etc. You are building a list of potential customers and can communicate your information to that list. Having a slow day at the quick lube or repair dept? Send a valuable offer to your best customers and turn that slow day into a profitable one!


retail future Retail business owners and customers alike love text marketing. Business owners love it because they can drive business on slow days with a great offer sent instantly to their best customers. Text marketing is an inexpensive way to turn a one time customer into a loyal, repeat customer and get your current customers coming back more often. Customers love it because they can be 1st to hear about new product arrivals or upcoming sales events & no more paper coupons necessary! With redemption rates that can exceed 30%, text marketing is highly profitable.

Churches and

church Whether you are a charitable or membership organization, your members will find value in being part of your text marketing program. Send general notifications, daily devotionals, youth group information, event information and opportunities to serve. Text message marketing is the perfect solution to help non-profits increase donor and volunteer participation, raise awareness, reach goals and generate more attention and resources for your cause. With text message marketing and mobile giving, your nonprofit can send quick, direct, and targeted text message alerts and promote mobile giving campaigns all through their mobile phone.


entertainment There is golden opportunity for businesses in the entertainment industry to benefit from text message marketing. A timely compelling offer will sell tickets, fill seats or tee times and keep your customers coming back again and again. Whether you are a professional sports team, golf club /driving range, bowling alley, music venue, comedy club, movie theater, amusement park, radio station or zoo, text message marketing may be the most effective and economical way to stay in touch with your best customers.