Turn Slow Days into Money Makers

by DaveA on July 1, 2014

Hello everyone,

Here is a message that I hope will encourage you to take a minute to reach out to your text program VIPs with an irresistible offer that compels them to stop in when they otherwise may have stayed home, watched some bad reality TV and hoped for something better to do.
One thing all business owners have in common is the need to fill openings in a schedule, fill seats in a restaurant, or generate traffic on slow days. With a growing list of customers in your text marketing program, you have the perfect opportunity to do just that.
Your list is a compilation of your best most loyal customers. People that love your business, products, service, food etc and are looking and waiting for a reason to return to your business and spend more money with you.
Sending a timely offer of great value will grab their attention & give your customers a reason to come back probably sooner than even they thought they might. This gives you an opportunity to:
  • reward your best customers for their loyalty
  • generate $ on a normally slow day
  • introduce your customers to a new product or service they may not normally try or purchase
  • promote an event
  • or wish them a safe holiday
Implementation is key to any marketing program! So I encourage you to take a few minutes this week, send a great offer on a normally slow day and save your customers from a day or night of bad TV!
To Your Success,
Dave Alexander


Non-Profits Benefit from Mobile Giving

by DaveA on April 9, 2014

Mobile Giving – Today’s local non-profit organizations benefit from providing potential donors the ability to contribute using their mobile phone. Today, one in three people in the U.S. use their mobile device as their primary tool to access the internet, rather than a laptop or desktop computer. Whether for shopping or paying, mobile phones have become the new wallet, replacing checks and plastics as the easier, faster and more portable way to connect and transact. And the same holds true for charitable giving. The old models of fundraising are rapidly giving way to a new paradigm for donor engagement with cell phones and other mobile devices at the core of how people connect with their favorite causes.

How Does It Work? – The potential donor texts the keyword (your code) to the phone number (shortcode) and instantly receives a Text Message response back to their phone that includes a link to the mobile website of the associated organization.
When the donor clicks on the link they are instantly directed to a secure mobile website that includes information about the non-profit organization and a form allowing the donor to enter their credit/debit card information and amount of donation.

Build a client database for future promotions!
As potential donors text in to make a contribution, their mobile phone number is also stored in a database. The non-profit organization can send reminders to donate, event information, etc. to their growing database of people at any time directly to their phones, no matter where they are at the time, for less money than conventional methods and with higher open, read, and donation rates than email or direct mail.
The organization will easily and quickly build their database of donors and potential donors during the promotion of their events, services and opportunities to give or volunteer.

Many organizations also will have their potential donors fill out a short form via a handout or mailer that is then signed by the donor authorizing the organization to send text messages to their phone. These numbers can easily be uploaded into the database for later requests for donations.

The key to the program is the ease of delivery of the mobile donation gateway. When the potential donor receives the text message response, or a text promotion is sent to the organizations donor database, no matter where they are they can easily click the link in the text message and are directed right to the donation page of the organizations mobile website


Decrease Cancellations & No-shows with Mobile Appointment Reminders

March 10, 2014

Appointment Reminders – Send a simple text message to an individual to remind them of their scheduled appointment. Anyone that works by appointment understands very well what it’s like to be stood up, but it happens. Because you’re dealing with human beings, you can never totally eliminate people missing appointments. Our Appointment Manager tool will help you take […]

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Create Customer Loyalty with a Mobile Rewards Program

February 28, 2014

Cut up the paper and plastic loyalty rewards punch cards. Mobile loyalty rewards programs take the clutter out of your loyalty program, make life simpler for you and your customers and help them stay organized and connected to your business. Mobile communications make loyalty programs more dynamic, convenient, easy to track and administer. It also […]

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Benefits of a Mobile Friendly Website for Your Business

February 14, 2014

Mobile Websites are an important component to every business in today’s mobile world. Nearly 50% of every online search is performed using a mobile device. Here are a few benefits of having a mobile friendly website for your business: Improved User Experience Mobile websites are specifically designed for handheld devices – nobody wants to browse a […]

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Promotion is Key to a Successful Text Marketing Program

January 31, 2014

This is Dave at Go Big Mobile with some insights to a successful text marketing program. One of the many things I have noticed as a business owner and as a marketer is that a lack of communication with existing customers is very common with many businesses today. Many business owners I meet never have time to work ON their business […]

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Instant Offers For Restaurants!

January 21, 2014

Fill In Your Sales Week As a restaurant owner, you have to worry about your various expenses such as food, utility, labor and building cost. Those expenses go on month after month like clockwork. Drilling down through the numbers you can work out a cost per table to set sales goals. Whether you have done […]

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